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Collagen Peptides

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Beauty begins from within—and our premium collagen peptides can help give your body what it craves. Our unique collagen blend combines hyaluronic acid and goFAT® olive oil powder to aid your body inside and out. This premium beauty blend not only helps support hair, nail, bone, and joint health, but also gives your skin a visibly radiant glow, so you can go about your day feeling strong and confident. Mix it in daily whenever you need a boost, or before or after your workout to help increase your energy, endurance, or enhance recovery time.
What’s goFAT®? Put simply, it’s a powder packed with healthy fats and prebiotics. Derived from award-winning olives, this patented beauty technology helps give our collagen peptides a superfood boost, plus its smooth texture and neutral flavor means it can easily be added into almost anything—from drinks like coffee, tea, or juice to your favorite recipes like soup, oats, or baked goods.