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Secret Service

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Take your solo sessions to the next level with our vibration-enhanced masturbator, Secret Service. Featuring a textured silicone sleeve, two independently controlled motors that provide invigorating stimulation to both the shaft and tip,and 12 combined vibrating functions, you’ll be ready for a whole new experience you never knewyou needed. Just apply a creamy lubricant, like Whipped, slide in, and enjoy the vibes. 

• Two independently controlled motors invigorate with powerful vibration.
• Soft, textured, silicone sleeve provides stimulating sensations with every stroke.
• 12 functions: 5 tip speeds and pulsing patterns, plus 7 shaft speeds and patterns.
• Ergonomic, easy-to-clean design.
• Pair with Whipped creamy lubricant for optimal feel and glide.
• Rechargeable: Compatible with any USB-C charging cord.
• Bath Friendly: toy can be submerged up to 1 meter/3.28 feet for up to 30 minutes.
• Run Time: 45 minutes (high) to 1 hour (low). Charge Time: 2.5 hours.
Insertable Depth: 6 in./15.2 cm


Before use, charge completely. Lights blink during charging and remain illuminated when charging is complete.

To turn on tip vibration, hold top button for 3 seconds; light turns on to indicate standby mode. To cycle through speeds and patterns, push top button. To turn off tip vibration only, hold top button for 3 seconds.

To turn on shaft vibration, hold bottom button for 3 seconds; light turns on to indicate standby mode. To cycle through speeds and patterns, push bottom button. To turn off shaft vibration only, hold bottom button for 3 seconds.

After 10 minutes of non-use, toy will turn off to preserve power. For optimal battery life, ensure product is turned off when not in use and fully recharge once every 6 months.

CARE: Wash before and after each use. To wash: rinse with warm water, generously spray with Cleansing Mist, rinse again, and pat dry. When storing, position toy with opening pointed downwards to ensure opening cavity dries fully.