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Kegel Training 2 Piece Set

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Tighten and tone pelvic floor muscles in only 5 minutes a day with the Kegel Training 2-Piece Set. Give your pelvic floor muscles the training they have been craving with 2 gradually weighted exercisers to gently increase exercise intensity and sexual pleasure. The 2-piece set includes 25 g and 45 g weights and a full workout routine.

Why work out with the training set?

Doing pelvic floor muscle training (also known as Kegel exercises or “Kegels”) can help1 with vaginal strengthening post-childbirth and/or controlling urinary incontinence in addition to improving the feel of orgasms.

Who needs the training set?

Anyone looking to strengthen pelvic floor muscles! These muscles can weaken due to aging, pregnancy, childbirth, and even being overweight. A pelvic health therapist can help confirm muscle weakness and even help track your training progress for maximum results.