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Fragrance Flight

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Our Fragrance Flight is a must-have if you’re seeking out a new scent, or just looking to try something different every now and then! We all know that sometimes you need to keep things fresh in the bedroom. Change something up. Throw a wild card into the mix. Well, the same is true for your scent! It’s one of the easiest ways to turn heads when you walk by. And even better, all of these fragrances are infused with pheromones to add a little dose of natural allure!

Inside, you’ll find 6 scents to choose from. 3 of our classics: Dirty French, Love Story, and Truly Sexy Flirt; alongside 3 new favorites: Burn for You, Summer Crush, and Wicked Nights.

With this little kit, you can find the perfect scent for any mood.